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This site is maintained by William Allin Storrer, Ph.D., Ajdunct Professor of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin and author of The Frank Lloyd Wright Companion and several other works about Frank Lloyd Wright and The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, a complete catalog, now in its fourth edition.


It has come to my attention that there is a false Wright Guide available as an iPhone app. Beware the “FLW” iPhone app; it is NOT the Wright Guide. It has the Guggenheim Museum, S.400, as its logo. Wright Guide has Fallingwater, S.230, and a red logo (see below). The false guide seems to be based on Wikipedia and has many blank spaces where there should be a photo. The Wright Guide has a photo of each entry. The false guide lacks text such as that found in Wright Guide, which is a condensation of the text in The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, A Complete Catalog., and which you deserve as a serious Wrightian.

Wright GUIDE, an iPhone app based on The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, a complete catalog by © William Allin Storrer, is now available from the Apple iTunes Store. Just search “Frank Lloyd Wright.” The app is listed under travel. The Seller is Wayne Boucher of Azara Apps. The Wright GUIDE has been fully updated to the new 4th edition of the Catalog.

The Wright GUIDE application for iPhone is based on the world standard reference, The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, a complete catalog, by William Allin Storrer, Ph.D. With descriptions and a photograph of each of the built works by America's greatest architect, one knows the right building has been found when one reaches a site. There are easy links to see what buildings are nearby whatever item is being referenced, and driving directions from the user's location to any building are but a click away. Storrer, who has visited each of these sites several times, who has met many of the original clients dating back to 1923, and who met children of earlier clients, keeps his documentation up-to date and provides useful comments on such items as client, site, construction materials, plan type and layout, date of design by Wright, and updates, restorations and/or alterations made since original construction. To go to the Wright Guide iPhone app page, CLICK HERE


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Yet it must be noted now that I remain amazed at the lack of sensitivity to Wright's design principles by many who call themselves "Wrightians." People who daily drive by Wright designs and do not see them. It is not just those in Oak Park and River Forest who accepted the idea of 28 houses being Harry Robinson designs even tho they evinced none of the characteristics of Robinson's best known Prairie designs that surprise me. In Evanston, Milwaukee and elsewhere, there are Wright designs staring those who drive by that are by Wright. Since only some five years ago did I move from the east coast, where I'd spent nearly fifty years of my adult life, to northwest Michigan, that I was in proximity to these areas and had time to research them. Yet I did not live in those places or drive by them every day or so. The 4th Edition Catalog reveals some of these that are fully documented.